2 Days to Mobile Week! Flash Sales at Midnight Launch on 19th March JUMIA

2 Days to Mobile Week! Flash Sales at Midnight Launch on 19th March JUMIA

Jumia has set to give us exclusive offers, 200,000+ vouchers to win, 1 million+ deals, flash sales daily and much more this Mobile Week. In the 3 next days, Jumia will throw their website open for the biggest mobile phone sale of the year.

Hope you are fully prepared? Remember the rules, first come first serve.

The first Flash Sale will display with 32% off, it is Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB (200 units available), discount price is N169, 990 instead of N249,000. Comes up midnight launch on 19th March, at 12AM.

Flash Sales Deals, comes up on the 2nd day 20th March
  • Xiaomi Note 5A Prime, discount price N31,990 instead of N45,990 (500 units available). 
  • Fero Y2 Lite, discount price N29,990 instead of N39,990 (200 units available)
Top Deals to Enjoy

200,000+ VOUCHERS to Win

Wheel of Fortune has now been part and parcel of Jumia promotional deals
  • You can spin the wheel only once per day
  • It’s a wheel of chance, so you may win on some days and lose on others!
  • The Wheel of Fortune is open starting March 12th until you win all of Jumia 200k+ vouchers!
  • Hurry! Redeem your vouchers starting March 19th, 2018. Come tomorrow & spin again for more vouchers
 Vouchers are not applicable to Tecno, Infinix & Gionee products

Also, you can enjoy extra N4,000 off when you select Jumia Pay at checkout - Starting from 19th – 25th March 2018 (Applied to order N50,000 & above).

To be a part of Jumia Mobile Week 2018 Edition;
Visit and bookmark the specially created page for Jumia Mobile Week 2018, atwww.jumia.com.ng/mobile...

Get your fingers and debit card ready for 2018 Jumia Mobile Week, which is billed to be the biggest mobile phone sale of the year. 

Stay tuned for more info on the matter and see you all on March 19th at midnight!
How To Backup Restore Whatsapp Chat Messages On IPHONE

How To Backup Restore Whatsapp Chat Messages On IPHONE

In  my opinion, data and privacy are important than your money because if you lose them you’ll have to face serious circumstances. That’s why many companies are providing costly services to backup your data that includes your pictures, videos, documents and other important stuff. Famous devices’ manufacturers and app makers provide free and paid data backup services to their users to help them secure their data.

Whatsapp is one of them that provides a built-in option to iOS users to take a backup of their chat messages and they can restore those saved messages in case of any data loss. Even if you lose your iPhone or it gets theft you can restore that Whatsapp backup in your new iOS device because Whatsapp saves a backup of your messages and videos in the iCloud drive. iCloud Drive provides Online storage that can be accessed from anywhere from any iDevice; iOS users can save their pictures, videos and other data in iCloud Drive for free, but there is a 5GB cap on its free storage, you can remove this cap by purchasing more space.
Tip: Always use your DSL or any other internet connection instead of your cellular data connection because the uploading process will consume lots of bandwidth if you’ve huge data.
  • iOS 9x, 8x & 7x.
  • iPhone 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5 & 4s.
  • iPad and iPod Touch.
Make sure your iCloud Drive is turned on if you want to take a backup of your Whatsapp data. This iCloud Drive can also backup your emails, browser data and Whatsapp messages and videos. But it doesn’t provide an option to take a backup of WhatsApp status message.
How to Turn iCloud Drive on?
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Choose iCloud Drive.
  • Turn it on.
How to Backup Whatsapp Messages and Videos to iCloud Drive?
1: Go to your Whatsapp app’s screen and tap on “Settings” you can find it on the bottom left of the screen.
2: From “Settings” tab select “Chats and Calls” option and move forward.

3: Here on this screen you can find the option of “Chat Backup”, open it.

4: Now tap on “Back Up Now” and it will start the uploading process of your Whatsapp messages to iCloud Drive. The process will take time according to the size of your data.

Note: To take a backup of videos, you need to turn on the option of “Include Videos” it’s available just below the option of “Back Up Now”. Moreover, to avoid data loss, you can also turn on the option of “Auto Backup” and this option is also available on the same screen.
How to Restore Backed up Messages to Whatsapp?
You may need to restore Whatsapp messages because of the below reasons:
  • You have installed a new iOS version.
  • You’ve reset your iPhone and lost all data.
  • Your Whatsapp app accidently get removed and all data lost.
  • You change your phone from any other manufacturer to iPhone.
Let’s start the guide to restore backup:
1: After installing Whatsapp successfully or verifying it with your cell number, the first screen you’ll see is to restore your backup.
2: Tap on “Restore Chat History”, it will start the process of restoring the backup and will take a few minutes.
Important: It doesn’t always provide you the option to restore the backup and it has happened to me many times, so restoring from iCould isn’t 100% successful. Moreover, you have to restore the backup on this screen, if you miss it you’d not be able to restore the backup again.
Alternate Method to Take Whatsapp backup to Windows PC or MAC
This method is working fine on my Windows 10 and I’m sure it will also work perfectly on Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. Also, the tool I’m going to use here is also available for MAC. Let’s start the guide.
1: Download iTunes from here and just install it. It’s only needed to run another tool, no need to run it.
2: Download CopyTrans control center’s trial version from here and install it. After installation, you’re required to install another app available in this control center, named as CopyTrans Contacts.

3: After installing CopyTrans Contacts, run it, connect your iOS device with your machine and wait for it to detect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
4: It will automatically sync all of your iDevice’s contacts, messages, and WhatsApp messages. Now click on “Messages icon” from the left bar and tick the “Whatsapp” box. It will start showing you your Whatsapp messages.

5: On the top left you can find the option of “Export Selected” click on it.

6: Choose the format in which you want to export all of your Whatsapp chat messages, I’d suggest you to choose Word format because it will also export your media files while in .txt file you can’t export them.

You can not restore this backup to Whatsapp, but it’s a good way to keep your Whatsapp chat messages safe in text form.
Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

Microsoft marked a turning point for Windows 10 with the Creators Update; while there were no earth-shattering upgrades included, it’s feeling much more like a mature OS version, particularly with its new privacy controls, Game Mode, and upgraded Edge browser.
Let’s take a look at some of the best hidden features, tips, and tricks in the operating system. Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 8 — super-fast startup, improved security — with much of what made Windows 7 familiar and easy to use, and without trying to force you to buy a touch screen or learn a whole set of hidden UI gestures. The Creators Update only makes it that much sweeter.
And if you’re a computer nut like me, tweaking the OS is always the fun part. Discovering and implementing power user tips are my favorite part of getting a major new version of an OS. I still remember back when DOS 5.0 came out, and I was running DOS 3.3, and I got to try all these new things to optimize my 286. And when I  upgraded from Windows/286 to Windows 3.0, I felt like my life had changed. (We’ve come a long way.) Nostalgia aside, here’s what you need to know to amp up your Windows 10 install and take it to the next level.

Windows 10 Game Mode

Windows 10's new Game Mode lets you boost performance by reallocating system resources toward whatever you're playing. In fact, there's a whole new Gaming panel in Settings that gives you quick control of the Game DVR and the Game Bar (triggered with Windows key-G). You can also broadcast games to your audience with sub-second latency using Beam.

Configure privacy settings

Microsoft has finally come clean with privacy settings in the Creators Update. When you're first setting up Windows 10, make sure to select a Custom install so you can modify the privacy settings, instead of going with the Express install. (If you already installed it, no worries; you can fix it all in Settings using the above link as a guide). While Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, it's not a free product in and of itself -- so there's no reason to share your personal information when it's not required.

Set up GodMode

The awesomely named GodMode brings up a special menu that puts lots of settings together in one place. To enable it, create a new folder anywhere on your root drive and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. It will create a special icon that when you click on it shows you a beautiful advanced control panel.

Windows Activation

For the first time, you can tie your Windows key to your Microsoft account, instead of the hardware in your machine. This way you can upgrade your PC components whenever you want, without having to call Microsoft or otherwise figure out how to reactivate your PC using the same code online. To do so, head to Settings | Update & Security | Activation.

Clean Installs

Head to Settings | Updates & Security | Recovery and you'll see a new option under More recovery options: "Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows." This link takes you to an online Microsoft help page that lets you download a tool to aid in clean installs.

Task view and virtual desktops

One of the best things about Windows 10 is how it handles virtual desktops. The fact that it finally handles them at all, out of the box, is a great step, since Mac OS X and Linux users have had that capability for a long time. It lets you set up a series of tasks and windows on your desktop, your email and Twitter window on another, and a third for general Web browsing and research. To get started, click the Task View icon on the taskbar (immediately to the right of the Search box), or hold down the Windows key (abbreviated throughout as Win) and Tab. You can also drag an app to a new virtual desktop by bringing it over to the +New Desktop option at the lower right.

Make the desktop more stylish

Windows 10 lets you personalize your desktop more thoroughly than before. Head to Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors, and choose Show color on taskbar and Start Menu. You can also tell it to automatically pick a color from your wallpaper and apply it underneath icons of open apps, and you can remove the Start Menu's translucent option. In addition, a Dark Theme option turns the menus black. I love it, but your feelings may differ. I also wish it extended system-wide, to Explorer, the old Control Panel, and other places, but hey, at least it's a start.

Bash shell

This awesome feature lets you install the classic Bash UNIX shell, thanks to a joint effort with Canonical. Enable it by first heading to Settings | Update & Security | For Developers and switching on Developer mode. Once that's done, head to the old Control Panel | Programs | Turn Windows features on or off and check the box next to Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta). You'll need to reboot, at which point all you have to do is search for Bash to get started using it.

Print to PDF

You can finally print a document (or rather, save it) as PDF without using a third-party utility using Microsoft's Print to PDF. This makes it much easier to save and distribute documents that aren't easily modified. Another long overdue feature makes it in under the radar.

Schedule Windows updates

Instead of getting ambushed whenever Microsoft decides to push out a patch, you can schedule timed restarts to install updates by going to Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update. You can do this for future updates as well by selecting Show More Notifications.

Run it in a virtual machine

If you haven't taken the Windows 10 plunge yet, but don't want to disturb your machine that's currently running just fine, here's how to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine first. Note that this is different than the virtual desktops I mentioned above; it's virtualizing the entire OS within another OS (your existing one).

Windows Explorer Home tab and Quick Access

Windows Explorer windows are a lot more useful this time around, thanks to a new Home tab (pictured above). It makes file copies a cinch. If you look at the top left of the window, you'll see a new Quick Access group that lets you navigate to recently accessed folders. That makes it much easier to maintain a fast workflow as you navigate around your computer's file system. And while File Explorer defaults to the Quick Access view, if you don't like it, you can set it back to This PC by choosing View > Options > Open File Explorer > This PC.

Customize the Start Menu

The Start Menu is such a huge improvement over what came with Windows 8.1 that it's almost impossible to describe the relief. It combines the best elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8. And it's also fully customizable. You can resize tiles in the Start menu by right-clicking them and choosing Resize, and then selecting a size from the pop-up menu. You can also unpin them or uninstall them completely. I admit the first thing I did is unpin all of Microsoft's tiles and then shrink the size of the menu so it looks a lot like Windows 7 (pictured).

Command prompt tweaks

A lot of Windows 10 utilities underneath the service still look the same as they did in Windows 7 and Windows 8. But one of the hidden tweaks is in the Command Prompt -- head over to Properties and you'll suddenly find you can enable a host of customizations, including a transparent background, resizing the window, and word wrap.

Battery saver

If you're on a laptop and your battery is running low, Windows 10 is smart enough to begin throttling back background services and other threads so that you can squeeze the last bit of battery life out of your machine. To enable Battery Saver, click the Start menu, and head to Settings | System | Battery Saver.

Background scrolling

Ever notice how when you hover your mouse cursor over a window and try and scroll, you still can't, because the window wasn't active? Turn this feature on in Settings | Devices | Mouse and Touchpad and you'll be able to do just that.

Keyboard shortcuts

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you may want to be aware of -- ones that will really help your daily workflow:
  • Windows Key-Tab (Task View)
  • Windows Key-Right-Up (Moves app to top right quadrant)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-Left or Right (virtual desktop)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-D (new virtual desktop)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-C (Cortana listening)
  • Windows Key-S (Daily Glance for weather, news, sports)
  • Windows Key-Ctrl-F4 (closes virtual desktop)
  • Windows Key-Up and Down (snap apps to top or bottom of screen or maximizes)

OneDrive integration

Free cloud storage is a godsend these days, and Microsoft makes it super easy in Windows 10 with OneDrive. You can use it to store files for mobile device access from iOS or Android, and you can even set it to let you access any file on your PC remotely -- not just the ones you drag over to your OneDrive folder.

Amp up Cortana

If you've got a laptop, or a desktop with a microphone attached, click the search field and select the Notebook icon on the left. Then click Settings and click "Let Cortana respond to "Hey Cortana." Now Cortana will listen for your commands. Cortana can also use Google instead of Bing, even though Microsoft really wants you to use the latter. Install the Chrometana extension in Chrome, or just install Firefox and make that your default browser; both will accomplish the task of removing Bing from Cortana's brain.

Use Maps offline

The new Maps app lets you work offline (Remember those old Microsoft Maps programs?); click Settings > Download or Update Maps, and then select the continent and country you want.

Xbox Streaming

Windows 10 finally shows some real Xbox integration, and you can use it to log into your Xbox Live account. But more importantly, you can use it to stream Xbox One games locally on your PC. You'll have to enable it first on the Xbox One under Settings | Preferences | Allow game streaming, and then on the PC in the Xbox application. (Interestingly, Microsoft is also going the other way and adding keyboard and mouse support to the Xbox One  -- not that you'll need that, since you've already got a PC.) You can also record videos of apps or games using the Game DVR function. Press the Windows Key + G, click 'Yes, this is a game box,' and then you'll see options to manipulate the recording.

Find the original Control Panel (and other goodies)

The new Settings panel is easy to navigate and makes more sense than the crufty old Control Panel, but you'll still need the latter to access some deeper options in the system. It's easy to call up, even though it's hidden; just right click on the Start button on the bottom left of the screen and choose it from the pop-up menu, or type Control Panel in the Search bar at the bottom left in the taskbar. When you right-click the Start button, you'll see all kinds of useful things there, such as Computer Management and Disk Management; for what it's worth, those options bring you right back to the familiar Windows 7-style apps in each case.

Tone down Notifications

Notifications are a giant pain in Windows 10; there's just too many of them, and some are unnecessary. Turn 'em off by heading to Start > Settings > System > Notifications and actions, and turn off Windows tips and specific app notifications (you'll need to scroll down for the latter).

Nix the Office ads

Are you sick of the occasional Office ads that pop up on the desktop? So are we. To kill them, right-click on Get Office in the Start Menu and uninstall it.
What You Need to Know About GTBank’s GTCoins

What You Need to Know About GTBank’s GTCoins

You might have received a notification shortly after making a successful transaction on GTBank 737 telling you the balance of your GTCoins. Then, you begin to wonder, is GTBank also launching a Coin?

GTBank is not launching a Coin but it has created GTCoins as a way to reward customers after carrying out some selected transactions on their GTBank account.

What is GTCoins?
GTCoins are points that you earn as a GTBank customer when you carry out financial transactions using the bank’s e-channels, such as 737, our Mobile banking applications and Internet Banking. You also earn GTCoins when you open a new account, reactivate a dormant account or set up a standing instruction for your Child’s SKS account.

The bank noted that GTCoins cannot be converted to cash or transferred to a third party, it can only be used to redeem deals offered by the bank.

How to Earn GTCoins rewards
You earn GTCoins when you:
  • Buy airtime via 737, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (5 GTCoins).
  • Transfer funds to another bank via 737, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking (5 GTCoins).
  • Bill payment on 737, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking (5 GTCoins).
  • Naira MasterCard on any POS terminal in Nigeria or website (5 GTCoins).
  • Standing Instruction on SKS account (10 GTCoins).
  • Fund a newly opened or dormant account (10 GTCoins).
You also lose GTCoins when you withdraw cash using other Banks’ ATMs.

How to use GTCoins
GTCoins cannot withdraw as cash, you only use it to load airtime directly to your phone, and it supports all network providers in Nigeria and probably other country. Before you can redeem your coin you need up to 200coins/points to load N1000 airtime. Though these might look so small but far better than when there was no reward attachment.

How to check your GTCoins Balance
There are two methods of checking your points, it can be checked through the internet banking using a browser or using 737 service code.

First Method: Using 737
It’s very easy and simple just as you normally check your balance, dial *737*99#, then choose 3 to check points and 4 to Redeem your points.

Second Method: Using Internet Banking 
Launch your browser and type in the address bar www.gtbank.com and log in to your account.

On the left hand side you see My Accounts & GTCoins, scroll down and click on Redeem GTCoins. You will see your coins highlighted in the first box with your coin and you can also redeem your code if you have up enough coin. 

You can also check the statement of your GTreward or summary of your GTReward points, by click on the GTCoins Statement from your internet banking Dashboard. 

Note: Using this service is free, no extra charge

GTBank don’t need to persuade customers again like before when you enter the bank hall, they ask you what you want to do so that they can refer you to the 737 table, but now you do it willingly because of the reward attached, nice marketing strategy.

The more you use GTBank e-channels for your transactions, the more GTCoins you earn. 
Energizer phone with mammoth 16,000mAh battery powers up in a teaser video

Energizer phone with mammoth 16,000mAh battery powers up in a teaser video

It takes a while to lift the veil off a 16,000mAh battery – but it will be worth the wait. Yesterday, we saw the bottom bezel of the Energizer Power Max P16K Pro, now we get a peek at the top.
You can see the 5.99” 1080p+ screen has rounded corners to match the rounded corners of the chassis. Also check out the 8MP selfie camera – it seems like it has its own flash.

The design seems to be based on the Power Max P600S, most of the specs line up too (screen, chipset, dual rear camera). Well, everything aside from the battery, of course, the P600S has a 4,500mAh battery while the P16K earns its name with a whopping 16,000mAh capacity. Still, the Powermax P16K Pro should look roughly the same, here's an image of the P600s:
Energizer Power Max P600S

Energizer will have a booth at the MWC where the P16K should be shown to the world in full.
GB WhatsApp V6.25 Latest Version With AutoReply Feature

GB WhatsApp V6.25 Latest Version With AutoReply Feature


It is a 3-copy, a copy of the official attribution allowance and a copy to run a second account and a copy to run a third account based on the latest version of the WTSP 2.18.9 application and supports all the android devices as well as other features.

Features of GBWhatsapp

  •  Ability to hide impressions 
  •  Privacy options 
  •  You can send group messages to groups 
  •  Possibility to hide any conversation 
  •  Automatic reply (you can send an automatic response to incoming messages when you are busy) 
  •  You can change the program line by about 30 lines 
  •  You can now turn off the Internet and keep the Internet running in other programs 
  •  You can upload video in case of 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds 
  •  Ability to send scheduled messages 
  •  You can retrieve any message after sending it and will delete it from all the devices sent to it 
  •  You can disable automatic media loading for each conversation 
  •  You can send a message or call a number that is not saved in your device such as the application 
  •  The possibility of distinguishing between collective and ordinary messages 
  •  Ability to know who visited your profile or become connected 
  •  Possibility of locking the lock with a password 
  •  Ability to send a video size of 30 MB instead of 16 MB 
  •  Ability to send a sound clip up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB 
  •  Ability to send 90 photos of one payment without 10 
  •  The possibility of placing the case of the number of characters 250 instead of 139 characters 
  •  Ability to click on the links without storing the number of the sender of the message or the owner of the group 
  •  Statistics counter for groups 
  •  Preview media without loading 
  •  Ability to hide name and date when copying two or more messages 
  •  Ability to copy status 
  •  Ability to change the program format, change the program icon and notifications 
  •  Ability to send images with high resolution 
  •  Ability to stop receiving calls for anyone you want or for everyone 
  •  Ability to display the messages of any person in the group separately from the messages of the rest of the members 
  •  The program sends you an alert if your friend changes his or her personal photo 
  •  And many features. 

Whats New In GBWhatsApp V6.25

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.9
  • (Super Exclusive) AutoReply (Auto Message when you are Busy)
  • Enabled Search Participants
  • Enabled Manage Group Admins
  • Enabled Group Settings (Server Sided)
  • Added 7 New Conversation Bubbles
  • Added 4 New Ticks
  • Added 16 New Notifying Bar Icons
  • Added 5 New Launcher Icons
  • Added Option to Hide Admin Caption in Group (Mod 1.2.64)
  • Added Option to Color Admin caption in Group (Mod 1.2.65)
  • Added Hindi Language (Indian Language)
  • Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Phones
  • Fixed Hidden Chat opening from Dialer
  • Fixed Hidden Message showing in Widget
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Opening from Widget
  • Fixed Able to call Hidden Chat From Group
  • Fixed Showing Hidden Chat when try to Share from Gallery or File Manager.
  • Fixed App Opening from Widget even when Locked
  • Fixed Crash On Some Devices
  • Many More Fixes
Note: You can run all three GB WhatsApp versions together with your stock WhatsApp without any issue.