How To Use Airtel Night Plan In The Day To Download

How To Use Airtel Night Plan In The Day To Download

For airtel users that have been making use of the night plan, there is a new trick in which you can now use the plan in the day. For those of us that wanna subscribe for the plan, you can try it out. Let's go straight to the steps:

=> First of all subscribe to the Airtel night plan from 12am to 5am and you will be given 1.5gb just with 200Naira. Make sure you do not finish it so as to use it in the morning.

=> In the morning, change your time to that of mid-night.. preferably 12:10am

=> Go back to what you were downloading and click resume and your file will continue downloading. It looks to be simple but it is not because it has disadvantage of not being able to browse but rather it will only download your already in progress download after it has passed 5:00am.

Dont forget that once your 1.5gb has finished, it will automatically stop. It has currently been tested on UC browser.




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