Inter C - Latest 4G Network in Nigeria, Check Out Their Data Plans and Prices.

Inter C - Latest 4G Network in Nigeria, Check Out Their Data Plans and Prices.

Another 4G LTE network has launched in Nigeria 3 days back (23 of August, 2016). The company known as Intercellular Nigeria Limited - InterC for short as they like to be called. Born from the need to truly address the existing gaps in the market, InterC Network was established to provide sustainable quality services through a high capacity 4G LTE network to Nigerians.

It is a new 4G LTE network in Nigeria and from what we see on their locations page, they will operate inAbuja, Port Harcourt, and Kaduna first, before hitting the cities of Lagos as their head office is in Lagos. Other locations in Nigeria joins later.

InterC are in for a serious business, it seems the price of their data plan is more affordable than other network in Nigeria offering 4G service at this moment and they are offering free internet for the first month, and 25% off on the second month. InterC 4G LTE Data Plans and Price are as follow;

1. InterC Lite:
» 1.5GB Plan for N1,400 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 4GB for N2,800 (24/7 30 Days)
» 2.5GB for N1,500 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)
» 1GB for N1,000 (6PM – 6AM 7Days validity)

2. InterC Savvy
» 7GB for N4,500 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 15GB for N7,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 25GB for N10,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 40GB for N9,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity)
» 25GB for N6,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days validity)

3. InterC Ultra
» 50GB for N17,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 75GB for N24,000 (24/7 30 Days Validity)
» 110GB for N35,000 (24/7 60 Days Validity)
» 75GB for N12,000 (6PM – 6AM 30 Days Validity).

Log on to InterC official website for more detail 

Now we have InterC, Smile, Spectranet, Ntel, Swift, and (soon) MTN. 4G LTE is the latest network in town. If you have a device that doesn’t support 4G, then you are in too many miles.




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