Latest MTN Free browsing cheat on Pc using Freedom Software

Latest MTN Free browsing cheat on Pc using Freedom Software

Good day viewer's.

Latest mtn free browsing cheat for Pc with Your-Freedom

Today, I bring a "New Latest" Free browsing cheat on Pc using the all-in-one Vpn app called Freedom. Yeah? Your must've heard about the Freedom Software but i would love to give a little details on what it is all about based on the uses.

Freedom Software is an all-in-one VPN app includes firewall, proxy by-passing, tunneling, handler and other "VPN-like" features. 

If i missed, the Freedom Software is one of the oldest existing VPN free browsing app, far-way before the era of new VPN App's like Psiphon, Syphion Shield, Tweakware, Queenceen, and so many of them. But for before those VPN Apps was Freedom VPN App. 

Anyway, that's that about the Freedom app. Let's begin with today's tutorial.

Using the Freedom Software you can now browse free on your Pc with MTN, though it's slow while browsing and downloading, but who cares? It's Free! Lol!

Tools needed for the this Free browsing cheat on MTN
=> An MTN Sim
=> USB Modem
=> Windows Pc
=> Your-Freedom Credentials (Login acess)
=> Freedom Software - Download here

How to browse free on your PC using Freedom Software on MTN

Visit official site on your web browser and Register there to have an Activate acount.

Take note! Your Login and Password details will be used to login the Freedom Software.

On Freedom website, Download the Freedom Software and Install it on your Pc, then Launch it and input the below settings as follows;

Click on Configure, then on the Freedom server Address Tab enter your XML Server name as, or

=>On Port, use 53.

Then click on the Connection mode and a drop-menu will display, choose DNS and select TWEAK NIGERIA MTN

On the Options select and Tick 1,3,7,6, and leave the rest settings untouched or else! You might experience difficulties while using the tweak or it might not even work.

Now your Freedom Credentials are needed, input your Usename and Password, and that's all! Then save the settings to connect your MTN USB modem to the default configuration settings.

The Internet browser you would want to use for this free browsing open-it, but i would suggest you go for Google Chrome because from what have heard it's better and slightly faster than other browsers.

Use the below settings as follows to configure your browser;

=>Proxy address: 127.0.01
=>Port: 8080.

Save! And you are done. Visit any site any site and download any file of choice, be it Games, Apps, Movies, Videos, Music or anything for Free! That's all.

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