New Zambia Airtel Free Browsing For PC And Android September 2016

New Zambia Airtel Free Browsing For PC And Android September 2016

This free browsing is unlimited and it is blazing perfectly on two vpns; slow dns and tunnel guru which alternatively means you have to upgrade your tunnelguru to premium in order to enjoy this unlimited free browsing cheats without any daily limit. This free browsing was sent to me by one Zambian guy when he detects I always post free browsing cheats and then I decided to share out but I didn't want to share it out before, it was when I discovered that people has start getting the news that's why I decided to share out now.

It seems story is getting much, let's blaze this thing lolzzz. So firstly, you have to download the vpns on your phone or pc desktop that is to say, you have to download one out of the two vpns.

Where to download the vpns?

Download slow dns for desktop or on your Android phone HERE .
Download tunnel guru for Android or desktop HERE .

Requirements or prerequisites

Airtel sim of zambia
Android or desktop/pc device
A little data to do the download of the vpns
Settings for slowdns free browsing on your Android device

After download and installation, kindly open or launch the application which is the slowdns.
Then select any server because it doesn't need registration.
In the next tab that will open, input this dns there and then connect.

Then you are done and start blazing! Very simple and easy!

When connected;

Settings for Tunnel guru free browsing on desktop or pc device

Then after download and installation on your desktop kindly launch the application.
Then login with your Username and Password (you are to register on their site to get login credentials).
Then locate dns and input this ip connect and then enjoy free internet.

Is it helpful? Do you encounter any problem while trying to connect it on your Android or desktop? Kindly ask more questions below and if it works for you kindly share your experience!




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