Non Removable Mobile Battery VS Removable Which Do You Prefer?

Non Removable Mobile Battery VS Removable Which Do You Prefer?

Phone geeks must have been wondering why suddenly Phone manufacturers switched to non-removable battery. Some of us don’t really like the facts that most smartphones company now produces non removable battery devices. I’ve been privileged to interact with different individual regarding their choice of smartphone and majority of them prefers removable while some don’t really care.

You’ll notice that the use of Universal charger is gradually going out of the market and being replaced with Power banks because most devices now have inbuilt battery.

Personally, I don’t like devices with inbuilt battery because when it eventually lags you have to wait for the battery to run down before you can restart it (what if your device is like that of Ouikitel K10000 whose battery can last you for 10days without charging, meaning you have to wait for 15days before you restart it?). What if you device fall into water or hot pepper soup, how will you dry it if you can’t remove the battery? That may be the end.

*Removable battery is easy to replace
*It is easy to Hard Restart
*Phones with inbuilt battery are slimmer and lighter with unibody design

Manufacturers don’t want you to tamper with the battery and integral part of the phone that is why they keep producing non removable battery devices. 

Over to you… Tell us your experience with removable and not removable battery smartphones you’ve used before and which do you prefer?




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