Buy MTN 4G Mifi (WiFi modem) with free 20gb data And Price

Buy MTN 4G Mifi (WiFi modem) with free 20gb data And Price

MTN 4G MiFi is now available this New MTN Superfast 4G MIFI (Wifi Modem) With Free 20GB Data Offer
You can get MTN 4G MIFI Wifi Modem and have your free 20GB given to you instantly with just a little token. Well,

What is MTN 4G mifi ??
MTN mobile wifi is a portable WiFi device that allows users connect up to five WiFi enabled devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Phones and other such devices simultaneously to the internet.

Customers only need a data subscription on the MIFI device in order to connect to the internet and enjoy his or her browsing experience. Well, MTN mobile wifi works at a distance of up to 10m or 30 ft.

Benefits of MTN Mobile wifi

1... Connects up to 10 WiFi enabled at the same time – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Game Consoles, Smart TVs etc.
2... Internet connectivity on the move with up to 8 hours of battery life.
3... For home or Small Business use.
4... Super fast.

How Do I Get The Free Mtn 4G LTE 20Gb ?
To get the mtn Free 4G LTE 20gb you need to have a smart phone that support 4G LTE service/network and also a smart phone that support mtn 4G LTE network band

Secondly you must have swap your sim to 4G LTE sim or else the MTN 4G LTE mifi ( WiFi Modem ) Free 20gb won't work on your sim !!

Lastly you need to buy the MTN 4G MiFi from any of the nearest MTN office and you will be given Free MTN 20Gb data for purchasing the mtn mobile MiFi

To get this offer, kindly go to the nearest MTN office near your location and simply buy an MTN 4G MiFi at N10,000 only, then you will be given free 20GB data for buying the MTN Mobile wifi.
The price of mtn 4G mifi ( WiFi modem ) is #10,000 only.

Am thinking something good is going to come out of this guys, am talking of Tweaking the mtn 4G mifi (WiFi modem) imei to get the offer free without actually buying it !

But remember that you must have a 4G LTE phone and your sim must have been swap to support 4G LTE network....

Stay turned for the imei




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