How To Get More Readers On Your Blog

How To Get More Readers On Your Blog

As you all know, traffic is the most important thing for every blog. All the income, followers, fame and brand you get are directly or indirectly related to TRAFFIC of the blog. But traffic in the sense doesn't mean to get a click bombs daily, instead, you should have a good number of loyal audience. How do you think bloggers become professionals, it’s the followers and the readership that decides a blog's future.

So, you write great content, share it across the web, and eagerly wait for readers to find your blog. But day after day, nothing happens.Your readership isn’t growing and your social interaction is non-existent. Sounds familiar..? If you want to gain loyal blog readers, you must find a way to connect with people eager to consume and share your content. Below are some ways you can increase blog readers, build a loyal following and create raving fans.

1. Attractive Design: Even if you have great content, I doubt if people would show any interest in reading your blog if you’ve been using a bad design. The primary thing that attracts a reader is the blog colours and design. If the design has a less importance, Come on, ask yourself. Do you like to read on a blog that has very poor design or probably no design at all..? OR to save your time, take a look at the blogs you follow, you notice the design..? Sleek and Simple...
Note: This doesn't mean you should take a palette full of colours and spray it all over like a teenager's make-up... Simple colours would do, just the combo of 3-4 will do...

2. Don't put so many Ads: If you personally ask me, I will tell you that I don't like to stay on the websites which are full of advertisements and pop-up ads are playing around while reading. Not only me but also your readers' answer will be same because no one likes to stay on a cluttered website. Everyone wants distraction-free reading and browsing. Thus, do use ads but in a manner that your users don't get distracted and keep reading and browsing on your website. Overall, I will advise you to stop using pop-up ads... which ofcourse earns you coins and chase your readers away... awful isn't it..?

3. Headings: Using headings in your article is the best way to increase readership on the blog. A heading can convey the same message which a whole paragraph does. Headings inside a post looks just like these which we've used here. We don't even like to read any article which has no headings in it and when we see headings, we just go through the headings and like most of the other readers, We ignore the real content. We actually doubt, how many of you are actually reading this line? Few I guess....

4. Merge Short Stories: Sometimes (or mostly), a way to make your readers stick to your post is to tell them very short stories. We're not asking you to turn your professional blog into a storybook, but there's nothing wrong with adding some personality to the content to make it look juicy and encouraging, and it also makes the reader feel, you are under the same atmosphere...

5. Images: We have a lot of images available on the internet. Instead of making your post look so boring, add some attractive and relevant images inside the content. Like, some people use vector images and some others use text-based images in blog posts. Search for some public images and add them in your blog posts. You can also make images yourself, also by using memes, your blog post will be a lot interesting to read that just wring a content of over 1000 words then publishing it like that, you don't expect your visitors to feel they are reading a Newspaper on their device...
Note: Use image relevant to the post only, don't use a pix of Drake in a post about Balanced diet.

6. Content: Even if you have been using an awesome design, simple English, attractive titles and headings, no one is going to read your blog if it has low-quality content. Content is the thing that matters in every blog. A blog itself is writing down the ideas/thoughts/views or whatever. 




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