Backups folder starts showing up in Google Drive, allowing for easy management

Backups folder starts showing up in Google Drive, allowing for easy management

You may or may not know that if you have an Android device, some of your settings as well as app and game data can be automatically backed up by the system to Google Drive. This makes it easy to switch from one phone to the next, with restore being possible after you've gone through the initial setup on your new handset.
Similarly, certain apps like WhatsApp allow you to backup everything (the content of your chats, as well as photos, videos, audio, and documents) to Google Drive too. But maybe at some point you've wondered where all those backups are and why you can't see them inside Google Drive.
Well, if you have then this is definitely for you. Some people are starting to see a new Backups folder in the web interface of Google Drive, just below the Trash in the left navigation pane. Once clicked, it will show you a list of your backups. If you then select any one of those, you have the option to delete it (for Android system backups), or also turn off the backup functionality (for WhatsApp). If you want to turn off automatic backups for Android apps and games, you'll need to use the dedicated menu in the Settings of your device.
The new folder isn't yet visible in the Google Drive mobile apps, nor is it turned on for everybody in the web UI either. So unfortunately it could just be a test, limited in scope. Hopefully it's not that and it will roll out to every Drive user out there soon.




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