How To Make Your Man Love You More - Ladies Get In

So many ladies are thinking of the possible way for their hubby/boo to love them 100% more, some will go to the extent of doing some silly things, just like the woman who customized a bible, because the boyfriend asked for a bible!! very hilarious.... instead of you doing all this silly things, there is sure ways to make your man love you more than himself. lol...

Be Smart
Yes, you need to be smart to get what you want, most guys love smart ladies, but that doesn't mean, you will be selfish a woman, always demanding for money... help your man , in any possible way you can... finacially, morally or emotionally.... and you just see the way he will love you

Make Him Jelous
You love him, he loves you, but you want him to love you more, then make him jelous, if he truly loves you, he will get furious when he sees you with another man, make him feel like, you don't need him anymore... hey but dont't do it always or you might lose him forever.... then if his attitude shows more love than before, quit your jelous adventures.

Be Natural Beautiful
I use the word 'natural', because most women have artificial beauty, they can't do without makeup, if you belong to this category, then be sure to lose your man, men love women more who are just too beautiful, not artificial beauty

With this little tips, i hope you ladies will see the points and take note.




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