LG blames cheap USB Type-C cables for V20 bootloops

LG blames cheap USB Type-C cables for V20 bootloops

LG’s devices have a history of experiencing bootloops at some point for a seemingly unknown reason. More specifically, many customers had experienced bootloops on the LG G4 for an unfamiliar cause that LG was misdiagnosing at the time.
It took the Korean Smartphone maker a while before it released an official statement regarding the cause and resolution of the bootloops. LG said the cause to blame with a hardware issue, where “a loose contact between components” needed to be repaired. Thankfully, LG was committed to fixing the problem, and arranged to repair customers’ devices.
A small number of LG V20s have been reportedly bootlooping and an LG service center has been keep to say that the cause of such bootloops was the use of cheap USB Type-C cables. Though, a Redditor quite familiar with testing USB-C peripherals says otherwise. Nathan K writes that “A third-party USB-C cable is very unlikely to cause this unless exceptional situations arose”.
A number of issues have arisen with the increasing use of USB-C cables, including the introduction of Chinese knock-offs. In fact, this is what led for the development of a new USB-C Authentication Spec to verify which USB-C cables with operate properly and safely.
Could it be that the V20 suffers from the same possibility of “a loose contact between components” like the LG G4 went through? Let us know if you’ve had an LG device with bootloop issues before.




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