Sony unveils new headphones and portable speakers within its EXTRA BASS range

Sony unveils new headphones and portable speakers within its EXTRA BASS range

Sony is a veritable veteran on the audio scene. The Japanese giant was busy developing high-end acoustic gear long before mobile phones were even a thing. So, every new release is understandably met with a fair bit of excitement from most enthusiasts.
Sony added a total of four headphones models and two wireless speakers to its EXTRA BASS line. It is good to see that the company is still adapting to modern consumer needs, since the new gear is, and we quote: "made for today’s heavy-hitting bass lines and dropping beats".
A quick rundown, roughly arranged by MSRP starts with the MDR-XB950N1. The flagship wireless model (the one depicted in the picture) is rated for up to 22 hours of playback, has a mic on board and active noise cancellation. The MDR-XB950B1 is basically the same product, minus the noise reduction and with a shorter 18 hour battery life.
Moving on to the wired models - the MDR-XB550AP is an on-ear model, with in-line mic and a wide selection of color options. And last, but not least, the MDR-XB510AS are earbuds, complete with water resistance and geared towards sports use.
Moving on to the speakers. First are the SRS-XB40, SRS-XB30 and SRS-XB20 models. They all bear the same features and classic rectangular design, complete with customizable color lights, for a club-like effect. The Bluetooth speakers are also water-resistant, so a splash here and there should be fine and can be chained wirelessly together to increase volume. The key difference between the three models is size and battery. The top of the line 40 model measures 4 inches by 11 inches and then the other two bump that down to 3 inches by 9 inches and 2.5-inches by 8 inches, respectively.
Then there is the cylindrical SRS-XB10. It measures 3 by 3.5 inches, has a convenient strap for attachment and boasts 16 hours of battery life. Bluetooth and NFC are also part of the mix, just like on the SRS-XB40 line.




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