Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: prices and dates

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: prices and dates

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were just announced, here are when you can pre-order them, when they will be available in stores and how much they will cost.
Don't forget to check the freebies below! The Gear VR headset and motion controller should be bundled by most carriers and stores.
Also keep in mind that pre-orders are promised to ship up to 8 days ahead of the actual market availability across most markets so if you really want to be among the first to get the S8 pair that's the best way to go.
Samsung Galaxy S8
Retail priceContract/InstallmentsPre-orderStores
AT&T (Next)$750$25/mo for 30 monthsMarch 30April 24
Verizon$720$30/moMarch 30April 21
T-Mobile$750$30/mo (+$30 down)March 30April 21
Vodafone UK£47/mo (+£30 down)
EE UK£56/mo (+£30 down)April 21
Amazon DE€800April 20
Samsung Galaxy S8+
AT&T (Next)$850$28.34/mo for 30 monthsMarch 30April 21
Verizon$840$35/moMarch 30April 21
T-Mobile$850$30/mo (+$130 down)March 30April 21
Vodafone UK
EE UK£61/mo (+£30 down)April 21
Amazon DE€900April 20
T-Mobile @Work customers get a free DeX dock with an in-store pre-order.
Verizon will give you the Experience Box for $99 - in addition to the Gear VR you're getting anyway (+ controller), you also get Harman Kardon headphones and a 256GB microSD card.
EE UK is offering an Official Samsung Pack for £98 up front, it includes a wireless charger, USB cable (with a micro to C adapter) and a £20 voucher to use towards any Samsung official casefor the smartphone.




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