Samsung Galaxy S8 to be released on April 28, a week later than initially planned

Samsung Galaxy S8 to be released on April 28, a week later than initially planned

The rate at which new rumors and leaks about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 are popping up nowadays can make it hard to keep up with all the details. One thing that's remained steady in most mumblings we've heard so far has been the purported release date for the two handsets -April 21. We've had no reason to doubt this since the unveiling is actually happening on March 29as has been rumored before that date became official. And the same sources that had shared that also talked about the April 21 in-store launch.
Now though one of those sources is back with an updated release date for the S8 duo. We're talking about Evan Blass, famously known by his @evleaks moniker, who says there's been a slight delay in Samsung's plans. Mind you, the Korean company hasn't announced the launch date for the handsets yet, so you can't think of this as a delay in the normal sense of the word.
However, it's now claimed that the S8 an S8+ will only be out on April 28, one week later than the date in Samsung's initial plan. It's unclear why this happened, but of course it's easy to speculate that Samsung's foundry wasn't able to ramp up production for the Exynos 9 and Snapdragon 835 chipsets that will power the S8 phones as quickly as anticipated. It may also have something to do with the company performing additional testing, since it clearly wants to ensure there will be no Note7-like issues plaguing the S8s.
LG is clearly going to be happy with this if it pans out, since it means its recently unveiled G6 will get to spend an extra week on the market all by itself, before its main competitor lands.




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