You Can Now Stream Video Attachements Directly From Your Gmail

You Can Now Stream Video Attachements Directly From Your Gmail

Not long ago, Google increased the incoming attachment limits on Gmail to 50MB and now, a new feature has been introduced again. The ability to stream video attachment before downloading them. This will let you decide which video to download and which not to download.

Before now, "Previously, in order to view a video attachment in Gmail, you would have to download it to your computer and open it with a media player. Starting today, when opening an email with video attachments, you will see a thumbnail of the video and have the ability to stream it, right from inside Gmail,"

The Gmail video attachment will show up as a small thumbnail with an image from one of the frames of the video file. Double clicking on it will open up a YouTube-style player that'll stream the video at optimal quality, and even allow you to adjust speeds, playback, and alter sound levels.

For now, the video attachment is still limited to 50MB  so don't expect high quality videos...and this feature is only available to desktop users beginning from today. We expect to see its availability for mobile users soonest.




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