Check out this Galaxy S8 “Infinitely Amazing” video ad

Check out this Galaxy S8 “Infinitely Amazing” video ad

Samsung Mobile USA uploaded a new Galaxy S8 ad on its YouTube account. It highlights all the new features of the flagship in one minute, combined with cool music and amazing visuals.

The video starts with the device powering on "when it sees you." This is a reference to the iris scanner that Samsung made for Galaxy Note7, but after discontinuing the phablet, the technology eventually found its way in the Galaxy S8.
Then it continues to the "Infinity Screen" and its (almost) bezel-free design, stating the world would get “infinitely bigger” with a camera that snatches “just about anything.” Samsung didn’t forget to mention its in-house assistant named Bixby that learns your habits and improves with time.
If you are a fan of Internet of Things and have connected your home to the web, you can turn on and dim lights in your living room. And if you need to go “anywhere you can imagine,” you can just use the Gear VR, the video says.
The spot ends with the statement that all the features make the Galaxy S8 “infinitely amazing” and a soft piano music cues in along with the “Unbox your phone” slogan and Samsung logo.




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