How to Get Barter Virtual Card for Easy International Payment in Nigeria

How to Get Barter Virtual Card for Easy International Payment in Nigeria

Major questions that always comes to most online shoppers is how do I pay for this stuff in USD without having to face the CBN restriction on  yourMastercard. I’ve been helping some people on this platform to pay for item in USD while they pay me the naira equivalent.  But right now, that won’t be necessary anymore as you can do almost all with the aid of Barter Virtual Mastercard.

Atleast, I’ve successfully use the card to pay for a domain on namecheap before, the exchange rate is also displayed on your dashboard and the good news is, you can create your account within 5min.

Barter is powered by the Flutterwave platform and its dollar-denominated virtual Mastercards that can be funded with Naira, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, and of course, USD.

As far as I know, none of those CBN spending limits apply to this card so long you have cash in Naira account, you can always use it to fund your virtual barter card.

How to Create Free Barter Virtual Master Card
>>Go to  and sign up
>>confirmation code will be sent to your email or phone via sms

>>Activate your account with the code sent to your mail or sms
>>it will take you to your wallet, choose “NGN” and fund your wallet with any of the available options

I funded my account with my Zenith Master card without any hazzle in seconds

>>Once your account is funded, click on "+virtual card" as seen on your dashboard

>>Give your card a name and enter the amount you want to fund your card with from your wallet and hit the create card… You are good to go.

It is as easy as ABC! What do you think?




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