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Microsoft has laid Windows Vista to rest

Microsoft has laid Windows Vista to rest

Microsoft is “sunsetting” Windows Vista. That means it will no longer be supported with security updates from Microsoft. So if you find yourself with a machine running Windows Vista, you should look at upgrading to a newer version of Windows in order to stay secure.

Windows 2000

Windows Me

Windows XP

Windows Vista
In the early 2000s, Windows pumped three major consumer operating systems: In early 2000 came Windows 2000, later that year, Windows released a Windows Millenium update which was filled with glitches and bugs, including a way to bypass the password screen by hitting a few keys. Then came Microsoft’s saving grace: Windows XP.
Windows XP then became a very popular operating system getting its third service pack in 2008. Back-tracking a couple of years to 2006, Windows Vista is released to the public. Windows Vista was abundant with glitches, bugs, and the overall performance of the OS was quite awful on hardware available at the time: when dual-core CPUs on PCs were only then becoming popular. Mind you, machines were often upgraded every decade.
Honestly, the operating system was not really ready for its initial release. Compared to XP, Vista had more demanding hardware requirements, so a computer that may have run Windows XP just fine would not have fared the same performance running Windows Vista.
Tell us about your first encounter with Windows Vista in the comments.


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