Assistant in Google Allo now supports Spanish and French

Assistant in Google Allo now supports Spanish and French

The Google Assistant in the company's Allo smart messaging app has been updated with support for two new languages. The languages in question are Spanish and French. The announcement regarding the former was made by Amit Fulay, who is Head of Product (Allo and Duo) at Google.
On the other hand, announcement related to support for French was made by the Canadian arm of the search giant in a blog post.
"Today, we’re adding support for these features in French, thanks to our latest update," the post said. "We’re now adding support for Smart Reply in French, so you can quickly send a “Oui” in response to a friend asking “Es-tu en chemin pour la partie de soccer?”."

In additional to the two newly supported languages, Allo already offers support for English, German, Hindi, Japanese, and Portuguese. According to Google Canada, the feature is being rolled out to both Android and iOS clients of the app, and should be available to all Canadian users in the next few days.




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