Samsung Gear Fit 2 updated with new health and fitness features, SOS and more

Samsung Gear Fit 2 updated with new health and fitness features, SOS and more

Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 has been available for almost a year, and Samsung keeps updating its smartwatches with new features. We’ve actually seen some of these features make it to the Gear, so it’s great to see Samsung didn’t forget about its entry-level smartwatch.
One such update arriving enables better workout detection. When performing an exercise for more than 10 minutes, the watch will automatically activate its fitness tracking functions enabling the Heart rate monitor and will track approximate location.

The update now includes a way to set pace targets for runners. To do this, enter the time and distance you want to run into the Samsung Heath app. Your workouts will nudge or push you toward your goals depending on the intensity chosen.
The in-workout screen has also been updated and now lets you customize what stats you can see in the main workout screen. You can choose between distance, calories, elapsed time, and heart rate.

After 50 minutes of inactivity, your Gear Fit will tell you to get up, but will now also provide easy-to-follow walkthroughs of various stretches.
Sleep tracking gets a more detailed chart viewable right on the watch. The graph is now broken down between “restless”, “light” and “motionless” sleep.

Finally, you’ll be able to use Samsung’s SOS feature directly from the watch, and you can download watch faces without having to browse them through your smartphone.
The update can be downloaded now via the Samsung Gear app on your phone.




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