Latest Windows 10 Preview build finally takes steps to fix high DPI scaling issues

Latest Windows 10 Preview build finally takes steps to fix high DPI scaling issues

If you've ever used Windows on a higher DPI display and some older Win32 apps in particular, then you can definitely relate to the issue of proper scaling. Since the company's own crisp-display Surface product are not immune to such issues either, it only makes sense for the US giant to start tackling it one way or another.

Well, the old Redmond giant sure took its time on this one and the approach is definitely an "alternative" one, but the new Windows 10 Build 16237, currently seeding to Windows Insider users finally shows some progress. What Microsoft did in this version is change the way the OS reacts to DPI adjustment and how it informs applications to adapt accordingly. Currently, if the DPI setting gets adjusted by the user or automatically, by connecting to a display or docking/undocking certain types of devices, the only way to let the new values dissipate throughout all the apps is to log out of your account and log back in. Microsoft is trying to do that on the fly, dynamically, so that most apps only require a relaunch to adjust.
Now, this probably won't fix all the issues, especially with some legacy applications that have refused to scale whatsoever. But who knows. It might just be enough of a kick to get them to cooperate. If not, it sure is a good first step.
There are a few other new Insider features in this release as well. Microsoft Edge can now read aloud with word and line highlighting for all websites and PDFs. This should be a great addition to the already rich suite of accessibility options. Another highlight is a visual and partially functional update to the notification center. Notification buttons have been scaled up and centrally aligned along the full length of the panel. The "x" icon is now an arrow, which makes more sense in describing the "dismiss" action. The first actionable notification is also expanded by default.

The all new Emoji Panel supports emoji 5.0, as well as type to search. You can also get a quick "translation" of any given emoji by hovering on it. Naturally, there are a lot more improvements and numerous bug fixes under the hood as well.




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