Facebook Stories are ready to invade your desktop

Facebook Stories are ready to invade your desktop

Facebook Stories are like Instagram Stories, in that Snapchat's inspired them. But unlike Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories haven't been very successful since the launch in March. Almost no one is using Stories on Facebook, which is in stark contrast to the 250 million users of the feature on Instagram. So what do you think Facebook decided to do in this situation? Scrap Stories? Bring in Stories from Instagram?
No. The social network is now busy testing showing Stories on your computer as well, when you go to its website. Unlike in its mobile apps, where Stories appear above the News Feed, on the desktop they're thankfully less intrusive, being relegated to the top right side of the page, as you can see from the screenshot below.

A small question mark is there as part of the Stories module, which you can hover over with your cursor in order to find out what that is. The explanation tells you that Stories consist of photos and videos that are visible for just 24 hours before they disappear.
While this is still considered a test at the moment, Facebook says a wider rollout is coming soon. So brace yourselves, for there will soon be no place on the internet without Stories. Or at least not on any of Facebook's properties.




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