Nokia 8 may run Android 8.0.0 from day one

Nokia 8 may run Android 8.0.0 from day one

Now that the Nokia 8 moniker is pretty much set in stone, we may have uncovered the reason for the Finns preferring it to Nokia 9.
A new Geekbench run by a device referred to as "Unknown Heart", which has a Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM, sees it running Android 8.0.0. This is a first, but keep in mind that this particular benchmark seems to like calling Nokia prototypes "Unknown Heart" for some reason.

As for the Android version, of course it could just be a test to prepare the handset for its first major software update (if it launches with 7.1.1 on board). On the other hand, it may very well be the first device to ship running Android 8.0.0. Bear with us for a second while we explain how that could be possible.
Last year, the LG V20 was the first handset to become available running Android 7.0 out of the box, after Google released that version as an update to its Nexus lineup in August. This year, the update to 8.0.0 for Pixels and Nexuses will be out sometime this month, according to Google's own schedule.
This means that Android 8.0.0 will probably have been finalized by the time HMD takes the wraps off the Nokia 8 on August 16, and definitely before the phone will start shipping (a few weeks later, we assume). So Nokia could do for the 8 in 2017 what LG did for the V20 in 2016. And if the Nokia 8 will in fact be the first out of the gate with Android 8, doesn't the name make perfect sense?




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