"Stamp" could be Google's take on the popular "Stories" format

"Stamp" could be Google's take on the popular "Stories" format

Whether it's your particular cup of tea or not, the "Stories" format appears to be working well and thus here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, that is. Especially now that Google is reportedly gearing up to release its own take on the polarizing social media format.
"Stamp", as per a Wall Street Journal report is Google's name of choice and a clever play on its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology and an "St" prefix, for "Stories". Similar to Snapchat's "Discover" and Instagram's and Facebook's respective takes on the format, "Stamp" will be composed of swipeable slides, incorporating text, photos and videos.

Naturally, just like the efficient and mobile-friendly AMP format, "Stamp" will be aimed at mobile consumers as well. Although, technically, the AMP platform can work just as well and scale gracefully to desktop-grade experiences as well, so Google definitely has potential space to expand in the future. Also, Google is already talking with CNN, The Washington Post, Time, and Vox Media, among others, to provide the initial wave of "Stamp" content.
One key and potentially very important thing to note about "Stamp" is that Google will likely integrate it right into its search result pages. This could have the potential to rapidly increase the format's appeal beyond that of competitors like "Discover", which requires the use of a specific app.

The WSJ report also mentions that we can expect "Stamp" pretty soon, potentially even as early as next week. In the meantime, you can get yourself better acquainted with the existing AMP format and all the speed, bandwidth and convenience benefits it offers, by typing "gsmarena" into a mobile Google app, to check out our own AMP content.




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