Send WhatsApp voice messages without launching the app

Send WhatsApp voice messages without launching the app

You can say, "OK Google, send a message," and it will listen and transcribe everything you say, but in apps that already have a voice/audio messaging feature, why go through all the trouble? Or at least why not offer the option to just send the audio clip of what you said, as it is, without trying to transcribe it? That would work wonderfully in WhatsApp (and Telegram, Viber, Allo, and other apps) in situations where you either think the speech-to-text won't pick up on some of your words or where you want to say something in a language that isn't supported. In Lebanon, for example, we frequently hop between 3 languages and using dictation is torture because I have to tell my brain to only speak in English.
Well, that option is now available (it could have been there for a while, but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere). But only on WhatsApp. And only on Assistant. And only on phones. Alright, at least it's there and we know it works. I actually stumbled across it yesterday while looking through the Assistant's different features and saw that WhatsApp had a "voice message" option. I instantly tested it and saw that it works as expected.

So if you open the Assistant and say, "OK Google, send a voice message," the interface will go to the one you see below where you can specify who's the recipient and record the message. Once you're done, say, "OK Google, send," or tap the send button on the top right and the audio clip will be sent as is through WhatsApp to the person you chose.

All in all, you can say:
  • Send a voice message -> Google asks for recipient and then starts recording the audio
  • Send a voice message to X -> Google takes the name and instantly starts recording
  • Send a voice message to X bla-bla-bla-whatever-your-audio-clip-is -> Google records everything you said after the name and prepares the recipient and clip for you, so you can directly send. This is my favorite way of using the voice command.
Obviously, you can edit and cancel everything before sending, so you can change the recipient or delete and record another message. Oh and since this is Assistant, you can assign shortcuts to this so you don't have to say those exact words.




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