Huawei unveils competing FaceID and Animoji tech

Besides unveiling the Honor V10, Huawei also showed off some tech that it’s working on for future products. And they are more than a little inspired by the iPhone X.
Huawei is working on its own structured light 3D sensor for the front. It will build a detailed model of your face with 300,000 points in 10 seconds. When used for unlocking, the system will trigger in 0.4 seconds (a fingerprint reader needs around 0.2s).
As you can imagine, this 3D sensor will be used to unlock the phone and secure money transactions.

Then there are animojis. Huawei claims to have the upper hand on Apple here as its system features more detailed tracking – it can even track your tongue so you can make the animated characters look goofy if you so desire.

This tech is not integrated in the Honor V10 or any of Huawei’s other current devices. Perhaps it will be ready in time for the P11, but the company made no commitments to a launch time frame.




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