Instagram now lets you remix the photos your friends send you

Instagram has added yet another new feature today. We're talking about the ability to 'remix' the photos your friends send you through Instagram Direct.
Now when you view a photo message from a friend in Direct, if you tap the camera icon at the bottom you capture a reply. This reply includes a sticker of the image you're replying to. The sticker can be moved or resized, and then your own stickers, text, and drawings can be inserted on top.
Once you sent your reply created in this way, the recipient can then remix your remix and send you that... and so on.
In addition, you now have control over replays - you can pick "one view" for the messages you only want seen once, or "allow replay" if that's no issue. The photos and videos you send with "allow replay" loop automatically, you need to tap and hold to pause.
All of these updates are now live in Instagram version 24 for Android and iOS.




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