New iOS 11 auto-correction issue uncovered, prevents users from typing 'it' and 'is'

Just a few weeks after Apple fixed a wired issue in its iOS 11 operating system that resulted in 'i' being replaced by 'A[?]' while typing text, another auto-correction issue has been uncovered.
This time users complain that they aren't able to successfully type common words like 'it' and 'is', as iOS auto-correction forces them to be replaced by 'I.T' and 'I.S', respectively.

Steps like device rebooting and other basic troubleshooting doesn't help. Some users say entering 'it' and 'is' as both phrase and replacement in Text Replacement (Settings > General > Keyboard) works for them, but others say that still doesn't fix the problem.
The only way out currently is to turn off the auto-correction feature altogether, which we agree is less than ideal. Apple hasn't said anything about this new problem yet.




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