OnePlus 5T wins charging sprint in latest ad

One of the best features on the OnePlus 5T is Dash Charge – it makes other other phones feel painfully slow to charge. The company decided to highlight that in its new add – how much will the phone charge in 30 minutes with the screen on?
The 5T phone got from 2% to 57% in that half hour. Which is pretty much in line with our own tests, we got to 65% in the same time, but with the screen off. How did certain competing flagships stack up? Not that great.
Check out the video, it only takes a minute:
Of course, to be fair we need to take into account the battery capacities of the phones involved. The OnePlus 5T does not have the biggest battery here, the Galaxy S8+ and Pixel 2 XL are essentially even here. The 5T does have the fastest charger though. Here's a table for easy comparison
PhoneBatteryCharge (in 30min)In box charger
OnePlus 5T3,300mAh57%20W
iPhone 8 Plus2,691mAh16%5W (!)
Samsung Galaxy S8+3,500mAh17%15W
Google Pixel 2 XL3,520mAh11%10.5W




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