Netflix now supports HDR on Windows 10

Netflix has rolled out support for HDR on the Windows 10 platform. Users can now finally access Netflix' growing library of HDR content if they are connected to a compatible HDR monitor or television.

As with 4K support on Windows 10, the HDR support comes with a handful of provisos. First of all, you need the four person plan to access HDR content. Also, just like 4K, you need to use Microsoft Edge or the Netflix app to view HDR content. These will only show up as HDR if you are connected to an HDR display.

Apart from that, you also need an Intel 7th generation or newer Core processor or an NVIDIA 900 or 1000 series graphics card.

Netflix currently has over 200 hours of content in HDR, including popular shows like Stranger Things, Daredevil, Chef's Table, Star Trek Discovery, Mindhunter, Marco Polo, and more.




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