How To Backup Restore Whatsapp Chat Messages On IPHONE

In  my opinion, data and privacy are important than your money because if you lose them you’ll have to face serious circumstances. That’s why many companies are providing costly services to backup your data that includes your pictures, videos, documents and other important stuff. Famous devices’ manufacturers and app makers provide free and paid data backup services to their users to help them secure their data.

Whatsapp is one of them that provides a built-in option to iOS users to take a backup of their chat messages and they can restore those saved messages in case of any data loss. Even if you lose your iPhone or it gets theft you can restore that Whatsapp backup in your new iOS device because Whatsapp saves a backup of your messages and videos in the iCloud drive. iCloud Drive provides Online storage that can be accessed from anywhere from any iDevice; iOS users can save their pictures, videos and other data in iCloud Drive for free, but there is a 5GB cap on its free storage, you can remove this cap by purchasing more space.
Tip: Always use your DSL or any other internet connection instead of your cellular data connection because the uploading process will consume lots of bandwidth if you’ve huge data.
  • iOS 9x, 8x & 7x.
  • iPhone 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5 & 4s.
  • iPad and iPod Touch.
Make sure your iCloud Drive is turned on if you want to take a backup of your Whatsapp data. This iCloud Drive can also backup your emails, browser data and Whatsapp messages and videos. But it doesn’t provide an option to take a backup of WhatsApp status message.
How to Turn iCloud Drive on?
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Choose iCloud Drive.
  • Turn it on.
How to Backup Whatsapp Messages and Videos to iCloud Drive?
1: Go to your Whatsapp app’s screen and tap on “Settings” you can find it on the bottom left of the screen.
2: From “Settings” tab select “Chats and Calls” option and move forward.

3: Here on this screen you can find the option of “Chat Backup”, open it.

4: Now tap on “Back Up Now” and it will start the uploading process of your Whatsapp messages to iCloud Drive. The process will take time according to the size of your data.

Note: To take a backup of videos, you need to turn on the option of “Include Videos” it’s available just below the option of “Back Up Now”. Moreover, to avoid data loss, you can also turn on the option of “Auto Backup” and this option is also available on the same screen.
How to Restore Backed up Messages to Whatsapp?
You may need to restore Whatsapp messages because of the below reasons:
  • You have installed a new iOS version.
  • You’ve reset your iPhone and lost all data.
  • Your Whatsapp app accidently get removed and all data lost.
  • You change your phone from any other manufacturer to iPhone.
Let’s start the guide to restore backup:
1: After installing Whatsapp successfully or verifying it with your cell number, the first screen you’ll see is to restore your backup.
2: Tap on “Restore Chat History”, it will start the process of restoring the backup and will take a few minutes.
Important: It doesn’t always provide you the option to restore the backup and it has happened to me many times, so restoring from iCould isn’t 100% successful. Moreover, you have to restore the backup on this screen, if you miss it you’d not be able to restore the backup again.
Alternate Method to Take Whatsapp backup to Windows PC or MAC
This method is working fine on my Windows 10 and I’m sure it will also work perfectly on Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. Also, the tool I’m going to use here is also available for MAC. Let’s start the guide.
1: Download iTunes from here and just install it. It’s only needed to run another tool, no need to run it.
2: Download CopyTrans control center’s trial version from here and install it. After installation, you’re required to install another app available in this control center, named as CopyTrans Contacts.

3: After installing CopyTrans Contacts, run it, connect your iOS device with your machine and wait for it to detect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
4: It will automatically sync all of your iDevice’s contacts, messages, and WhatsApp messages. Now click on “Messages icon” from the left bar and tick the “Whatsapp” box. It will start showing you your Whatsapp messages.

5: On the top left you can find the option of “Export Selected” click on it.

6: Choose the format in which you want to export all of your Whatsapp chat messages, I’d suggest you to choose Word format because it will also export your media files while in .txt file you can’t export them.

You can not restore this backup to Whatsapp, but it’s a good way to keep your Whatsapp chat messages safe in text form.




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