Snapchat finally releases iPhone X exclusive AR lenses

Snapchat has finally released the iPhone X exclusive AR lenses. For those who may have forgotten, these lenses were the ones that were demoed during the iPhone X keynote back in September 2017.

There are three AR lenses in total, which are the ones you see above. These are only available on the iPhone X and work with the TrueDepth camera. Compared to the standard lenses within Snapchat, the iPhone X ones use the significantly more advanced front camera and use multiple data points to map the filter precisely to your face that moves even more realistically with your expressions. The filters also react to the light around you and you see accurate light and shadow effects based on your ambient lighting conditions, something the standard lenses don't. They also automatically blur the background.
The new AR lenses are a definite improvement over the standard affair and help distinguish the TrueDepth tech from simple front facing cameras. It's curious though what took Snapchat seven months to release these since they were first announced and why we still have just three. Snapchat will also have to do more if it wants to stop users from jumping over to Instagram, especially after the recent backlash to the redesign.




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