TStv is Finally Back With a New Sassy Decoder - Check Out The New Features, Price and Sales Date

TStv made the first public appearance in September last year when it announced that it was launching the soul saver satellite TV with overwhelming features at a low-cost price. It has been a while since I last talked about this. The fact is that there was no anything to actually discuss. We so much waited for the commercial sales of TStv Decoders but nothing yet.

The new development now is that TStv has announced another new Decoder which tagged as "Sassy Decoder". The new Sassy Decoder will be is now on sale.

Aside from the fact that many Nigerians are not sure if the company is serious this time, one other question a lot of people have been asking is if this new decoder will also come with all the features TStv initially promised us last year.

In this post, I have made a compilation of all the things you need to know about the new TSTV Sassy Decoder.

Things You Need to Know About the TStv Sassy Decoder
  1. The new TStv Sassy Decoder plus dish and remote will cost just N3,500.
  2. The price doesn't include installation cost which we don't know the amount yet.
  3. Sassy Decoder contains up to 70+ Channel.
  4. The Sassy Decoder comes with "Pause Subscription" feature, which you can only use for a total of 7 days. Which means your 30days subscription can last for a maximum of 37days.
  5. The "pause subscription" feature is only available for monthly subscriptions (30 days).
  6. Your Sassy Decoder subscription can be paid using any available Quickteller platform.
  7. The TStv Sassy Decoder subscription goes for as low as N200 for a day, N500 for 3 days, N750 for a week (7days) and many more.
  8. PVR function is available on the Sassy Decoder which means you can record an ongoing video and watch it later.
  9. TStv Sassy Decoder is not internet enabled hence you won’t be getting the free 20GB promised.
  10. The new Sassy Decoder might not contain EPL stations and even the GrandSport 4 (for watching LaLiga and other sports) that was initially mentioned on TStv's website is not there anymore.
Note: There are two sets of decoders, the other is Dexterity, which comes with the free 20GB data + 200 Channels but won’t be on sale for now




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