Google launches Neighbourly app exclusively in Mumbai

Google has launched Neighbourly, a beta app being exclusively launched first in Mumbai, India.
Neighbourly is meant for asking hyper local queries to people in your locality. You can ask about a certain type of doctor, or a place to get a haircut or a place to purchase a certain item. Once your query is posted, people around you will see it in their feed and can choose to reply.

Apart from typing out the query, the app also supports transcribing, so you can use voice to speak your query and the app will automatically convert it into text in another supported language.
The app is private so none of your personal information is shared with anyone. All anyone else ever sees is your profile picture and your first name. There is also no way to message someone privately and one can only reply publicly under the query.
The app is available right now to users in Mumbai. Anyone outside will have to join the waitlist. The app is still under development and will likely release on a wider scale when the stable version is released.




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